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Evolve Tennis Academy Late Fee Policy
  • All invoices are emailed on the weekend PRIOR to start of term. 
  • Each invoice has a due date of two weeks after term commences after which 'weekly' reminder notices will be sent either via email, SMS or both. Our accounting software automatically generates this and sends emai/SMS reminders remotely regarding unpaid invoices, but if you see an error or have a query simply email
  • A grace period of one week (end of week 3 of term) will be given to all outstanding invoices. Late fees will begin to apply from Monday in the fourth week of termA late fee of $5.00 per week for admin costs will be added to your invoice until full payment is made. 
  • We do ask, if you are having lessons with us to understand all programs do have a cost. So please, if you have not received an invoice via email (please check your junk folder also) or SMS contact our Head Office on 9971-0644 in the first two weeks of term to make sure your contact details are correct. 
  • Our Accounts Manager Leissa Dawson will be in contact via phone in week 9/10 of term if payment has not be made

Please understand that whilst we are a sporting facility and we truly appreciate each and every loyal customer, we are like any business and need to pay our bills on time – especially our fantastic coaches.  If we don’t do this we risk losing the high standard, quality and friendly coaches we and all of you expect.  Simply put, our business cannot be sustained if your bills are not paid on time.

Finally – if you do receive an email regarding an invoice that you believe is incorrect, please understand our admin staff are experienced and very approachable…Simply email us & we will do our best to rectify the issue as quickly as possible. 

our facebook page linkdin youtubeinstagram
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